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Upholstery Cleaning in Philadelphia PA

Imagine sitting on your couch, feeling cozy, and knowing it’s as clean as it can be. That’s where we, Barnes & Young Carpet Cleaning step in. We’re your friendly neighborhood experts providing best upholstery cleaning in Philadelphia, PA, ensuring your sofas, chairs, and other upholstered furniture look fresh. Over the years, we’ve completed hundreds of cleaning projects, making over 90% of our clients so happy that they come back to us repeatedly. We take pride in our work, but we’re just like your helpful neighbors who happen to know a lot about keeping your furniture clean.

Our upholstery cleaners does more than just clean; we help make your home a wonderful place to live. Each piece of furniture is unique, and we take care of it carefully every time. We’ve been invited into thousands of homes like yours and always left them with smiles and cleaner, brighter furniture. It’s not just about the numbers for us; it’s about the trust you place in us to take care of your home. We value your trust and constantly strive to go above and beyond your expectations.


A Clean Approach to Comfort

When we start a upholstery cleaning project, we don’t just jump in. We first speak with you to determine the necessities for your furnishings. We check out each item to find out the best way to clean it. Then, we use the latest methods and tools that are just right for your furniture. This might include steam cleaning for those tough stains or a gentle touch for delicate fabrics.

We know the common issues that can make your furniture look less than its best – things like spills, dust, and everyday wear and tear. Our equipment is up to date and designed to get rid of these problems without harming your furniture. For instance, we have special tools for getting deep into the fabric to remove dirt you can’t even see. We’re all about giving your furniture a new lease on life while ensuring it lasts longer. Our goal is to make your space a place where you love to relax and spend time, knowing everything is as clean as possible.

  • Our upholstery cleaning service begins with our technicians inspecting your upholstery. They will look at the furniture to determine the best approach to clean it.

  • Then, they will spot treat any areas on your upholstery that look like they need extra attention.

  • After spot treating, the cleaning begins. Our upholstery cleaning machine injects water and our cleaning solution into the furniture to release dirt deep within the upholstery.

  • Then, extracts to remove the dirt.

  • Finally, we will inspect your upholstery with you to make sure you’re happy with your clean upholstery.

  • Your upholstery will be dry within hours.

Why Choose Barnes & Young Carpet Cleaning?

Local Community Champions

  • We're more than a cleaning service; we're part of the Chester community. We invest in local events and support our neighbors.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

  • Our cleaning products are safe for your family, pets, and the planet. We believe in keeping your home and the earth clean.

Expert Training

  • Our upholstery cleaners receives ongoing training in the latest cleaning technologies and methods, ensuring they're equipped to handle any challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes upholstery cleaning important?

Keeping your upholstery clean extends the life of your furniture, improves air quality, and keeps your home looking and feeling fresh.

How often should I have my upholstery cleaned?

We recommend professional cleaning at least once a year or more frequently for households with kids, pets, or high use of furniture.

Can you remove all types of stains?

While we can remove most stains, the outcome can depend on the type of stain and the material. We’ll assess and advise on the best approach.